LearningDo you need ideas for fundraising a project for Kids Alley?

  • Sponsor– Call us about sponsoring a class trip for our students. It costs money to give our children opportunities to participate in field trips. Give our children opportunities to explore a world outside of Camden.
  • Garage sale – Group up with some friends and hold a garage sale!  Everyone has junk and is more than willing to let you come pick it up, especially for charity! Hold an event  and turn your junk into treasure for Kids Alley.
  • Car Wash – Host a car wash and  look into selling snacks and beverages while patrons wait. Get some chairs and create a relaxed vibe, or better yet; get a sponsor.
  • Party – Throw a fundraising party, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Plan a special event and charge each person attending the event a fee to raise money for Kids Alley.
  • Invite – The Imagine Hope Restored Banquet is a wonderful occasion to acquaint friends with the programs of Kids Alley. Invite friends to attend the event with you and try to fill a table.