Ambassador for Jesus Christ

It is with great joy and great sorrow that we share with you the news that Vivian passed away on April 5, 2015.

We will forever remember Vivian’s servant heart. Vivian gave her life to serving the children,youth, and families living in the City of Camden. She began Kids Alley in 1998 and has laid a strong foundation.

Although none of us can quite fill her shoes, we also have that same call and commitment to this amazing ministry of bringing relief, restoring lives, and bringing real growth to those living in the City of Camden and beyond.

The vision continues!

- Imagine Hope Restored!

As many of you know Vivian suffered a massive stroke on March 31, 2014.  The stroke affected her speech and her right side.  She was at Magee Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, PA until August 2014, then she was moved to Care One in Marlton, NJ. She continued to progress and in October we watched her walk without a walker and listened as she began to speak short phrases. Then in November of 2014 she was diagnosed with cancer.  And although she had a series of radiation treatments, she was unable to finish them. Vivian went on hospice in January of 2015. Although her physical body was suffering the effects of the stroke and cancer, the joy of the Lord was evident in her face, her spirit, and her attitude. She touched lives no matter where she was.