Making a Donation In Memory or Honor of a Loved One

  • Select the amount you wish to give. If it is not there, select “Other” and you will be able to enter the amount of your choice.
  • Ambassador’s Club will show first. If you click on the drop down menu, you will see the other choices for giving.
  • If you wish to give In Memory of a loved one, click the “Memorial” choice.
  • If you wish to give In Honor of someone, click the Honorarium choice.
  • Paypal will give you the option to add your instructions. Make sure you include First and Last Name of the person or persons you would like to Honor or Memorialize.
  • Donations to Kids Alley are accepted as both mail and online donations.  Online donations are made through PayPal, a secure online site that accepts all major credit cards and banking.
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