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Service to Others

  • Median Household Income in the City of Camden in 2018 was $26105, in the state of NJ $76,475
  • In 2018, 37.4 % of Camden Residents Lived in Poverty
  • High School Graduation Rate was 68.2% in Camden, in the State of NJ it was 89.2%
  • In 2016, 34.4% of children in the City of Camden lived below the poverty line. 

Embracing Children

KIDS ALLEY is the main program of One Accord Inc., a nonprofit ethics-based organization reaching out to inner-city children and their families with weekly programs.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

All children are valued and need a safe environment where they are free to grow and learn holistically.

Our Mission

To confront and alleviate the societal shortcomings and personal needs that affect at risk children.

Our Vision

A world in which at-risk children have the support and means to mature into thriving adults.
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