Saturday Morning Program

Haddon & Atlantic Aves. – 9:25 am 
Thorn St. & Everett – 9:35 am 
HB Wilson School (9th Street Side) – 9:45 am
Yorkship Elementary School  (Collings Road) – 10:00 AM 
Woodlyne Elementary School  (Elm Ave.) – 10:15 am 

Bus stops and times are subject to change. Call 856-340-6242.



Throughout the two hours of programming, our Kids Alley Kids spend time fellowshipping and learning with their perspective groups. Depending on the lesson/theme of any given Saturday, you can expect this group time to be filled with different games, bible lessons, group discussions, and mentoring.

Support in the area of nutrition has been requested by many of our students and families, at Saturday Live we try to meet their needs as best as possible. We start every Saturday with a balanced breakfast. Prior to the pandemic, thanks to many generous groups/volunteers, we were able to give bag lunches out every Saturday. We are looking forward to continuing that initiative as we recognize how important balanced and steady meals are for the growing mind & body.

Saturday Live at Kids Alley, is extremely humble to have our doors open, having the privilege to continue to serve the community when we know many not-for-profit organizations weren’t as fortunate post-pandemic.

During COVID-19, Saturday Live was hit the hardest making it extremely difficult to transport our families that utilize our transportation, volunteers to assist during the program, or find safe ways to still have fun while in a very difficult and scary time for everyone.

Despite the obstacles of the pandemic, we are glad to say that Saturday Live is beginning to thrive. Some highlights from the 2022-2023 school year:

Highlights from the 2022-2023 school year:

  • Attendance has hit a steady average for every group since COVID-19.
  • Our Elementary class is filled with energetic KA Kids who truly love hearing God’s words and exploring the bible. Extremely inquisitive and filled with imagination, we are so proud to see increased retention of the lessons being taught by our students.
  • The youth class shows such a great yearning for knowledge, every Saturday they are always engaged. Our youth participates in many open forum discussions, and they are currently planning a service trip, learning the importance of giving back.



  • The K-3 class learns by engaging in various motor skills activities, creative play, and sensory stations.
  • Our adult class has its own space to connect with other parents/guardians and hear the word of God. We are looking forward to relaunching “Manna Academy” at Saturday Live.

Saturday Live is a program for the WHOLE family!


You too can join the fun at Saturday Live! We have a serious need for volunteers. The pandemic and changes in life circumstances for many of our volunteers have severely diminished our volunteer base. No amount of time is too big or small to make a child smile! If you are interested in volunteering or supporting Saturday Live, please contact Jazmine Brinkley at 856-340-6242 or Come join the Kids Alley family!

The Manna Academy at Saturday Live is an educational program that focuses on adults’ spiritual, intellectual awareness, and opportunity development. This multi-year program aims to provide instruction classes that impact and improve upon seven critical areas of an individual’s life.

  • Spiritual Development
  • Educational Advancement
  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurial Exploration
  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing Counseling
  • Inter-Personal Development
If you want to lift yourself up,lift up someone else.Volunteer Information
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